There is nothing more pure and innocent than capturing a newborn baby in their first few days of life. During the first year of your baby's life, your newborn will go through so many changes and will only be this tiny for a short time. It is our vision to capture your newborn so you forever remember their delicate eyelashes, soft skin, and curly womb poses. Making the investment in newborn photography is one you will cherish for a lifetime.

The best time to photograph newborns is within the first four weeks of life. If you know that you are interested in a newborn session with us, please plan ahead and give us a heads up on your due date so that we can pencil you in on our calendar.

Please note that we no longer offer naked newborn, specialty poses (froggy, bum up, etc.), or beanbag posing. Our newborn sessions are wrapped only (with the exception of the Lifestyle In-Home session package). Scroll down to find out why.

We offer several different newborn packages:

Lifestyle In Home

Birth - 4 weeks old
To capture those moments as your new baby bonds
with your family in the comfort of your home
Includes baby's parents and siblings
Travel fees may be incurred
25 digital images

$395 for one hour

Studio Family

Birth - 4 weeks old
Baby and up to four family members
(additional family members add $25 each)
Includes a variety of family poses
One wrapped individual setup of your baby, as time allows
15 digital images

$395 for up to one hour

Studio Wrapped

Birth - 4 weeks old
Baby only, wrapped up
Up to three wrapped setups (as time allows)
Closeup shots of baby's features, if desired
10 digital images

$345 for up to one hour

Studio Deluxe

Birth - 4 weeks old
Combines Studio Family package and Studio Wrapped package
Up to three wrapped setups
Closeup shots of baby's features, if desired
Baby and up to four family members (additional +$25 each)
Variety of family poses
30 digital images

$595 for up to two hours

You may be wondering what to dress your baby in. Not to worry! We have a variety of wraps for your baby. Simply dress them in a onesie or sleeper and we will wrap them over the top of their clothes when you arrive.

Sometimes a newborn's skin is a little less than perfect. Not to worry! Your baby's skin can easily be perfected in post-production.

Why musT newborn sessions take place within four weeks of birth?

Babies change very quickly within the first few weeks of their life. They quickly adapt to the real world outside of the womb and begin to "unsmoosh" within just a couple of days, which means that they are less likely to stay in a deep sleep. It takes a lot longer to get them to fall asleep and are much more difficult to settle. Babies older than four weeks are much more alert and in tune with their surroundings. They also tend to go cross-eyed (which is entirely developmentally appropriate, but can make for some less-than-desired images) if they are not fast asleep. Newborns grow quickly! Not only are they getting bigger, but their muscles are developing a little bit more day by day which means they aren’t as flexible or as easy to wrap. Sometimes by four weeks, they don't even fit in the wraps!

***If you are looking to have a Newborn Session done, it MUST be booked during your pregnancy to secure a spot on my calendar.

Tell me more about the different newborn session packages?

Studio Wrapped, Studio Family, and Studio Deluxe are all considered wrapped newborn sessions. A wrapped newborn session is a style that I gravitated towards in the past few years, and as a photographer have discovered are my personal preference and choice in what I offer for newborn sessions. During a wrapped session, I am able to swaddle your baby so that they remain calm throughout the session. Though they won't always fall asleep, they tend to remain more peaceful and will focus on the camera or family member's faces if they do not fall asleep during the course of the session. Wrapped sessions also make it easier to position your baby because we don't have to worry about their tiny arms and legs flailing around since they feel nice and snug and secure in a wrap. This results in a more gentle session that doesn't stress out the baby, family, or photographer. Wrapped sessions can be done until your baby is 4 weeks old.

If you would like to include your family members in your portraits, I highly recommend booking a Studio Family or Studio Deluxe newborn session. These sessions include siblings and immediate family members who will hold the wrapped baby. I offer a variety of poses designed specifically for each family. Poses may include siblings only, parents and newborn (individually and together), and any other combinations that you might be hoping for. The only difference between the Studio Family and Studio Deluxe packages are the number of images you will receive, the amount of time for the session itself, and with the Deluxe package you'll get more images of the baby alone (including close-ups of baby's details, if desired).

Alternatively, you could opt for a Lifestyle In-Home newborn session. During this session, your family will be able to hold the baby and I will take pictures of your baby in their every day life - crib, bassinet, mom and dad's bed, in their swing, in your arms... the opportunities to grab images of you bonding with your new baby are endless with this type of session, which may be done until 4 weeks old. During these sessions, we can wrap baby in one of your favorite swaddling blankets, dress them in some of your favorite newborn outfits, include special ultrasound images, baby books, or other props from your home that are meaningful to your family.

Why don't you offer specialty poses on a beanbag anymore?

After years of trying various styles of newborn photography, I decided that I would no longer be offering the naked newborn beanbag poses anymore for a few reasons. Newborns take a very long time to fall into a deep sleep to allow for posing them without them waking up. An unwrapped newborn session becomes a marathon of several hours and can be exhausting for both the family and the photographer. Over the years, I have found that I prefer the natural wrapped style over naked newborns in poses that often need to be created from a number of images and composited together for safety purposes.