There is nothing more pure and innocent than capturing a newborn baby in their first few days of life. During the first year of your baby's life, your newborn will go through so many changes and will only be this tiny for a moment. It is our vision to capture your newborn so you forever remember their delicate eyelashes, soft skin, and curly womb poses. Making the investment in newborn photography is one you will cherish for a lifetime.

Please be sure to book early on in your pregnancy to secure room on our calendar. We typically do not accept newborn sessions after baby has been born unless there are special circumstances. Contact us for more information.

A typical newborn session will last around two to three hours. That might seem like a long time but when you take into account all the time it takes to feed the baby, change baby, and settle the baby into sleep it really goes by very quickly. Make sure you bring plenty of bottles. Happy baby = beautiful pictures.

The best time to photograph newborns is between days 5 and 10. This is because they tend to sleep the most during this time and we are able to get them to do the curled up positions. If you know that you are interested in a newborn session with us, please plan ahead and give us a heads up on your due date so that we can pencil you in.

You may be wondering what to dress the baby in. If you have a special outfit, definitely bring it. We do have a number of newborn outfits and props and can also photograph baby in the nude.

Sometimes a newborn's skin is a little less than perfect. Not to worry! Baby's skin can easily be perfected in post-production.

We always say that if we aren't sweating during a newborn session, we aren't working hard enough! We generally crank up the heat so that these little people will be warm enough without their clothes on, so you may want to dress accordingly!

We offer three different types of newborn sessions...

Newborn - Studio

Birth - 14 days old
Variety of poses and props included
Family members included
10 digital images

$395 for up to three hours

Newborn - Lifestyle

Birth - 8 weeks old
To capture those moments as your new baby bonds with your family in the comfort of your home
Includes baby's parents and siblings
15 digital images

$175 for one hour

First Glimpse

Within the first 48 hours after birth
To capture those first moments as your new baby bonds with your family
Includes baby's parents, grandparents, and siblings
15 digital images

$185 for 30 min to 1 hour

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