Planning for Your Session

During our session you can expect a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We want you to feel at ease and enjoy yourself during our time together. We like to get to know our clients and capture their true personalities.

With families and children you can expect both posed shots and candids. Please expect to take breaks if infants and small children are involved. Infants often need breaks to nurse or feed and just get some love from mom and dad. Toddlers sometimes have meltdowns and don’t want to cooperate. That is okay! This is expected with children of this age and this is the norm with sessions with small children.

With small children, it is a good idea to bring their favorite snack and/or toy(s). Sometimes the best shots are of your child being natural and playing with mom, dad or siblings. They also come in handy if your toddler has a meltdown and just needs a break to play and let the mood pass.

With newborns, you might want to have a change of clothing as it is almost impossible to avoid accidents such as spit up or getting wet with a naked baby. So, don’t worry, this too is expected and we will have several blankets on hand for infant sessions to swap in/out. Make sure to bring wet wipes and diapers. Newborn sessions typically last three hours, so please plan accordingly. Parents, we suggest dressing in layers if it is a cool day so you can peel away the layers if you get warm (trust us, you will!). If parents and/or siblings would like to participate in the newborn session, we will get those photos taken care of first, so please let us know in advance if you plan on participating.

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What To Wear

Many times we are asked what to wear. The truth is that it is really up to you. Clothing choice can really set the tone for your session. A good rule of thumb is that if you are being photographed as a group, try to make sure that the color scheme matches or is at least in the same color family. For example, blues, turquoises and greens go together and oranges, reds and tans go together well. White clothing tends to be very traditional and can give a more formal appearance, but it can also be the hardest to photograph and possibly wash a person’s color out. Dark colors, such as navy, black, and dark jewel tone colors tend to photograph well, and can make a bold statement. Bright colors, such as pink, turquoise, and yellow, can really add a pop of color and make the feel of the photo more fun and whimsical. Clothing to avoid would be those that are heavily patterned, have logos, or words that may be difficult to see. Sit down and think for a moment….what type of photograph are you trying to accomplish? Then make your clothing choice based on that answer.

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The correct lighting is everything in photography! We can’t begin to tell you what a dramatic difference the way light falls on the subject can make in a photograph! The best times to photograph outside are at sunrise, for you early birds, and at sunset. This is what is called the “golden hour” in photography…the hour surrounding sunrise and sunset. The way the light falls on an object is much softer during this hour, which results in less undesired shadows. The only problem is that this lighting is fleeting, so it is imperative that you arrive at your session on time. Less daylight means less time to photograph your session. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your session, we may ask you to reschedule or we may have to cut your session early.


Have an idea for a session? Speak up! We love to have clients that know what they want! Many times we are inspired by our clients to do a certain shoot simply because they had a particular request. Out of ideas? That’s okay. We have props that we can bring and will allow for some creativity during a shoot. We want to make your experience and session unique to you.


Kids get sick. Life happens. You may find yourself needing to cancel an appointment you have already set up. We will try our best to reschedule your session, but please keep in mind that our photography schedule is very limited and tight. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel so that we can give your session slot to someone that has been waiting.

What to Bring to Your Session

Here are a few suggestions for what to wear/bring for your session.

-denim jeans
-maxi dress
-basic tank tops that really show off your bump
-flirty sundresses (empire waist really helps show off your bump)
-tube top and flowy skirt
-ultrasound photo(s)
-special items you would like to be photographed with

(We have an extensive prop selection for newborn clients, so there is no need to bring anything for your baby unless you have special items you would like photographed with your baby.)
-Nude is best for baby. If you prefer to leave their diaper on, that is fine – we can still get amazing nude shots! Please let us know what you prefer.
-For mom, a simple black or white tank, short-sleeved shirt or tube top is perfect. Simple is best, avoid patterns.
-For dad, a black or white t-shirt. For those dads that are comfortable bearing their chest, please do because these can make for some of the most precious images with father and child.

{One Year}
-2 to 3 outfit changes including classic ensembles and some with bright/fun colors
-personalized banners
-balloon bouquet
-tutus for girls
-personalized onesies
-towels and wipes
-accessories, such as headbands, jewelry and hats

{Families and Children}
-accessories, such as headbands, scarves, jewelry, jackets and hats can really add to your look
-avoid all white or all black color combos
-avoid matching outfits, but rather try to find outfits that complement each other
-avoid clothing with logos and busy patterns that will distract
-color! splashes of color really make your photos pop!
-dress up shirts
-cowboy boots
-striped or patterned stockings/tights
-fun, flirty dresses
-props – if you have fun props, such as antique family items or items with special meaning you’d like included, please feel free to bring them