First Glimpse

These special, intimate lifestyle sessions are done after the baby is born and before the family leaves the hospital/birth center. During these sessions, I'll capture your little one's first yawns, detail shots of their sweet baby fingers and toes, and the love and interaction between you all in baby's first days of life. You'll forever have beautiful images of the emotion shared between meeting your precious little one for the first time, the instant connection and the love between mother and baby, daddy holding his child for the first time, and the anticipation and the excitement exuding from family members.

***Due to the on call nature of these sessions, I only do a limited number of First Glimpse sessions each month! Booking early is key to guaranteeing you a spot!!***

First Glimpse
$175 for a one hour lifestyle session in hospital

  • While waiting for your baby to arrive, I like to have a lot of questions answered so that when they arrive, I am ready to go! Prior to the birth, I will send you a questionnaire about any specific shots you want me to capture and the other details I need to know.
  • When I receive the call that your little one has entered the world, I will make arrangements to come to the hospital after you and baby have recovered from the delivery. I like to be there as quickly after the birth as possible, so the sooner the better! Often times, this is when siblings and grandparents come to meet the new baby.  It's always a room full of love and smiles.  A big bonus of a First Glimpse session is that you can schedule them during the day when there is pretty window light! 
  • During these sessions, I do not do any posing or adjusting, unless it is for modesty purposes (such as helping to fix your hair, or quickly getting a great first family photo). First Glimpse sessions are every bit a piece of documentary art and I do very little to interfere with you all snuggling and interacting.
  • Sessions usually last about one hour, as I know how exhausted everyone is! I want to capture some beautiful images, preferably the next morning after baby is born, and then leave you all to relax.