First Birthday/Cake Smash

Cake Smash sessions are sort of 2-in-1 sessions.  We begin with taking "clean photos," then we smash the cake and get messy!

One Year/Cake Smash
$175 (cake provided), or $150 (cake not provided) for a one hour studio session

***Please note: If you want cake smash pictures for your Baby's 1st Birthday invitations, contact us by the time your baby is 10 months old because the session needs to take place when your baby is actually 11 months.  Contact us NOW to get on our calendar!

  • Typically there are two outfits for a cake smash: A cute first birthday outfit, and the cake smash "attire" (usually a diaper cover/bloomers). The first few shots we get will be portraits of your baby dressed in a cute outfit for a couple traditional first birthday portraits. Then we take a few minutes to change your baby into their cake smash "attire". We have a number of outfits available - please do ask about them!
  • It is great to incorporate some decorations from the first birthday party (such as a crafty banner). A DIY banner is usually a PERFECT look to dress up a cake smash. Please contact me so that we can discuss decorations for your session.
  • We usually have solid background colors available. Please let us know ahead of time what color you prefer so we can make sure we have it in stock ahead of time. It takes several weeks to receive a new background order so the sooner we know, the better chance you'll have of getting the background color you want. (We can order most colors if we know ahead of time!)
  • Most babies simply wear a diaper cover, bloomers, a tutu or cloth diaper for the cake smash. A gDiaper or other color or pattern-coordinating cloth or designer diaper is fine. Some parents prefer to do the cake smash with the baby fully clothed instead of in a diaper, and this is totally fine with us. Just be aware that the clothes and diaper cover may be stained by the icing coloring.
  • If your baby has a fever or is not feeling well on the day of the session, then it needs to be rescheduled. We will not get good results and good smiles if your baby isn't feeling well. Just put the cake into the freezer for safe keeping. Take it out of the freezer with enough time to let it thaw prior to the next session.
  • We are happy to provide a small smash cake for an additional fee. Otherwise, you are responsible for ordering and picking up the smash cake from a professional bakery. Please avoid chocolate cake and please avoid fondant decorations (this can pose as a choking hazard). Whipped buttercream frosting works best with light cake colors. If you prefer to provide a home-baked cake yourself instead of a professional bakery, please make sure that no toothpicks or other structural items are placed inside the cake. Also please avoid lining the base plate with tin foil. A plain white plate or colors matching your session work best - please mention this to the bakery when ordering your cake.