We will laugh together and play together and I may be silly, make crazy noises or get down on the ground and get dirty, but it is all for the perfect sweet smile… That's what it's all about! We may do a little bit of posing for grandma but I mostly want to see you and your family play together and be yourself, capture you as you are interacting together and loving each other. Your session is never rushed or hectic, I want everyone to have fun……even dad! This is all about you and your family and capturing those everyday looks, smiles and giggles that you always want to remember.

We generally start out with the younger children first so that they do not tire out.

Although groups are great, the bigger the group is, the less time we will have to focus on each individual person. Ask yourself if you are wanting more group shots or are you also wanting some individual shots? Let us know your expectations up front so we will be sure to get everyone what they want.

$200 for a one hour studio or on location session

Please contact me for extended family session pricing.