Children & Babies

Children, each and every one of them, are unique in their own way. At Baby Beluga Photography, it is our goal to photograph your children and share with the world their true, unique and special personality. From the goofy grins to the perfect pouts, we want to capture your children just as they are and help create a timeless treasure for years to come.

Naptime is critical to a child's well-being during the shoot. Try to plan accordingly and bump up naptime if need be. A snack is a good idea and we can certainly take breaks during the session to assure that your child is happy. If your child has a certain stuffed animal or blanket that they love, bring it. Even if your child's "lovey" is in the picture, that's okay. It is sometimes the small things in life that we want to remember and cherish the most.

There may be certain times during the session that we ask parents for assistance. We usually try to engage the child in conversation but sometimes seeing and talking with a new person can make the child "clam up". As a parent, you can help by coming near the photographer and getting down on their eye level so that they are not always looking up in the picture.

Milestone Mini
$75 for 30 minutes
A quick little session to get an updated photo! A mini session can be booked any time and includes a 30 minute session with one child (ages 1 month - 13 years). Includes 5 digital images with print release via instant download.

Note: Special holiday and themed mini sessions are available at certain times of the year as announced on our Facebook page. These differ from Milestone Minis because they are specials with limited availabilty and often differ in price and what's included. Details for each themed/holiday mini special are announced on our Facebook page.